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For the most part, high net worth investors are more concerned with wealth preservation and strategic growth, than on making risky investments in the hope of massive returns. Clients want to see prudently managed growth without a lot of surprises. This is why the approach to wealth management emphasizes prudent investment advice, portfolio construction and wealth management services, designed to help you achieve a real growth in assets under management, while limiting exposure to risk and costs. We gain an in-depth understanding of your particular needs by carefully analysing your investment goals, tolerance for risk and volatility, income requirements, asset class spread, tax status and investment horizon…


Estate Planning:

Estate planning is an integral component of a successful financial plan, and key to this is having a valid and up-to-date Will in place. Once you are gone, it can offer financial security to the people you love or organisations you want to support. It is what speaks for you when you cannot and it is the physical evidence, the lasting legacy, of the responsibility you took to provide for your loved ones, no matter what. Aside from including provisions that will secure your family’s future, you also have an opportunity to make a bequest to a charity or outreach program.

Having a carefully thought out Estate Plan ensures that your affairs are in order and enables your wishes to be carried out should you pass away.

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